4 Ways Ice Water can Improve Your Cooking

Fresh tiger shrimps or prawns with lemon, herbs and ice on white marble table top view.

We all know that ice is an amazing substance that keeps drinks cool and comes in handy during spring and summer cookouts.

However, when it comes to working in the kitchen at home, many people don’t realize that a little ice can go a long way towards making a meal look and taste fabulous. Here’s a look at some of the biggest ways that ice and ice water can turn your next meal from drab to fab.

Blanched Vegetables Look and Taste Better

Vegetables should always look vibrant and come with a crunch that urges you to take another bite. Achieving this cooking feat is simple with the help of ice water.

After boiling your vegetables briefly in salted water, take them out of the pot once their color is at its most vibrant. From there toss the vegetables into a bowl of ice water. This halts the cooking process and preserves your vegetables in the bright, crunchy state that would make any chef proud.

Eggs Are Easier to Peel

Hard Boiled eggs are known to be difficult foods to peel fresh from a boiling pot. Use a bowl of ice cold water to firm up the egg beneath the shell. This process guarantees easy, clean peeling and prevents your next batch of deviled eggs from being a visually unappealing mess.

Prevent Overcooked Shrimp

Boiled shrimp should be pink and easy to bite into. No one wants an overly-chewy piece of shrimp, however, it’s easy to overcook shrimp. Even after being taken off the flame, boiling water continues to cook your food. So, much like your veggies, perfect the texture of your shrimp by tossing them into a bowl of ice water to stop further cooking and preserve a fresh taste for your next shrimp cocktail.

Ice Water Helps Keep Stored Foods Safe

Before refrigerating your hot leftovers, they need to be cool. Leaving hot foods to sit out and cool naturally poses some significant health risks since bacteria can easily latch onto exposed foods.

If you are in a rush to get leftovers into the fridge, let ice water help safely speed up the process. Metal and ice create an instant cooling effect. So, all you have to do is pour your hot foods into a metal bowl, then set the bowl in ice water until the food is at a safe storage temperature. From there, refrigerate, reheat, and enjoy!

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