4 Reasons Why Arctic Ice is So Precious

Artic Iceberg in water

We hear a lot about how important Arctic ice is to the natural environment. Yet, most people don’t truly understand why.

At Emergency Ice, we put our hearts and souls into our craft and have gained true insight into why the product we make is so important out in the wild. Here’s a closer look at Arctic ice and why we should be making the effort to preserve its existence the best we can.

Ice Helps Keep the Climate Clean

The Arctic tundra may be majestic, but the land and water surrounding it all have large, frozen deposits of methane beneath the surface. Like carbon dioxide, methane is a greenhouse gas. As long as methane sits beneath the surface of solid ice, it can’t easily enter the atmosphere.

The sad thing about this fact is, that when it does enter the atmosphere, methane heats up the atmosphere and further continues to melt ice, creating further cracks where more greenhouse gases can erupt.

Sea Ice Mitigates Dangerous Weather

Global warming practically invites dangerous weather into the atmosphere. That’s why warmer areas like south Texas, Louisiana, and Florida are so vulnerable to tropical storms. However, large chunks of sea ice limits the amount of moisture that stems from the ocean and moves into its local atmosphere. This prevents rough waters even during what would otherwise be considered a storm season.

Sea Ice Sustains Wildlife

Polar bears literally use ice as a means to an end in their eating habits. They use large ice rafts to travel out to their hunting grounds and hunt seals. As ice continues to melt, the opportunities to easily hunt decrease, and polar bears find themselves hurt by global warming that damages their natural habitat.

Even polar bear prey, the seal is impacted by the existence of ice. Seals use ice as a location to settle down with their pups and hide from hunting bears and predatory fish.

Sea ice also helps preserve the health of the marine life that lives in the water. As ice in the polar caps begin to melt more CO2 enters the environment. While this does expel some of the heat-trapping gas in the area, the more CO2 that’s in the atmosphere means the local water is more acidic. This can pose as a deadly environment for various marine life in the area.

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