3 Easter Items You’ll Need Ice for

The springtime has crept up on us once again and we’re getting ready for the warm months ahead and the Easter celebrations taking place shortly. For most people who are hosting Easter brunch or dinner, the overwhelming amount of things that need to be done can cause a host or hostess to forget something important. Often enough that important thing ends up being ice. As an ice delivery service, we can atest to have often people forget to buy ice for their parties. This Easter, be prepared for all of your ice needs. Here are a few things you’ll need ice for.

Bags of Ice to Keep Deviled Eggs Cold

Whether you love them or hate them, deviled eggs are a traditional Easter appetizer served at every brunch, luncheon, and dinner. The key to good deviled eggs is keeping them cold and fresh. Consider placing ice from ice bags in a bowl underneath the plate your serve your deviled eggs on. The cool air will keep them fresh without getting the eggs too wet from any melting ice.

Easter Brunch Cocktails Over Ice

If your Easter festivities include a little drinking, then you’ll definitely be needing cocktail ice to make drinks with or keep the beer cold. Drinks like Bloody Mary’s, mixed drinks, and sangria are all made with ice. It’s always best to stock up on plenty of ice to ensure that you have enough for the duration of your party or gathering. Our ice delivery service can bring you bags of ice or bulk ice depending on how much you need and how many drinks you’ll be making.

Bulk Ice for Coolers

Many churches and even large family gatherings enjoy doing outdoor picnics to celebrate the Easter holiday. Keeping meat and other food items cold is always a problem though, particularly in the Texas heat. Filling your cooler with ice is really the only way to keep food cold and safe to eat. Our Dallas ice company has all kinds of ice to make sure your food stays cold and you enjoy your Easter festivities with family and friends.

Emergency Ice Takes Care of All Your Ice Needs

Since we’re an ice company, we’re all about delivering quality ice services to our customers. No matter what your needs are, we have you covered. Get in touch with us for all of your ice needs!

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