Cocktail Ice For Winter Beverages

Top Winter Beverages

As we approach Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year’s, many of us are trying to plan our menus, decorations, outfits and beverages for our family and work holiday parties. While it is easier to just do the same as last year, that isn’t as fun or exciting for you or your guests. There are many fun and unique recipes for winter beverages and cocktails that will be an exciting new addition to your party.

With these winter beverage recipes, you’ll have party guests asking you for the recipe all night long.


Top Winter Beverages On and Off the Ice

  1. Fruit Champagne Cocktail – Add a twist of uniqueness to any holiday party toast by simply adding some pomegranate, cranberry, raspberry, or any frozen fruit to the bubbly champagne to add a kick of fruity flavor and help keep it colder, longer.
  2. The Mojito Sparkler – A Mojito isn’t always the most popular beverage due to the mint taste, but by adding a little extra kick, many of your guests will have changed their minds. Blend rum, fresh mint, lime juice and a dash sugar, then add a splash of club soda for some extra fizz; this drink will go well with many classic Mexican dishes and appetizers at your party.
  3. The Dandy Shandy – Take the top favorite dark stout and mix it with ginger ale to make a classic British style cocktail, which will go well with your warm appetizer and dip buffet.
  4. Clove Julep – For this delicious beverage, crush mint and sugar at the bottom of a cocktail glass and just add some cocktail ice cubes and your favorite vodka.
  5. Fresh Basil Martini – To add a fresh kick to the classic martini, shake some basil-infused vodka with a dash of vermouth and a small scoop of ice cubes, and then pour it into a martini glass with fresh basil leaf and a cherry.
  6. Ginger Champagne Punch – To make this blue ice cocktail, just blend your favorite bubbly champagne with your favorite vodka, crystallized ginger and sugar, then chill for about 4 hours, or pour it over a few cocktail ice cubes. This icy punch is best served with dessert or with the mid-night toast at New Year’s.
  7. Ice Mai Tai Me – No matter if it is served with appetizers, during the meal or throughout the evening, simply blend rum, Cointreau and fruit juice over a few ice cubes, then top it off with a friendly cocktail umbrella.

Once the clocks roll back an hour, Football season is in full force and the trees have lost their leaves, the time comes to start getting everything together for the holiday party season. As you make your list and check it twice, check out the Emergency Ice Top Winter Beverages to get you a head start this season. Also, remember one of the most important ingredients with any winter beverage – Ice! If you have a large company holiday party, we can deliver ice directly to your party location in Dallas, Fort Worth or Waco areas. Even if it’s last minute; 1-hour ice delivery is our specialty!