Ice for Bars & Restaurants

Ice In Different Shapes for Different Preferences

It is common knowledge that everyone has different preferences when it comes to the types of drinks that we consume. At Emergency Ice, we believe in embracing the different choices that people make, and that is why we have taken the initiative to offer different shapes of ice based on customer orders. Different shaped ice is a current trend that has surfaced in social events across the nation from night clubs to family barbecues. There seems to be an ice tray that will make ice for any holiday or occasion, and we at Emergency Ice are prepared to supply your restaurant or bar with the shape you desire in bulk.

Our Cubes Are Extremely Versatile

Yes, ice is primarily used to keep our drinks cool on a hot day. However, the cubes that we offer are sure to bring a bit of pizzazz to your specialty cocktails at any occasion. If you are sipping on a prime drink and want to ensure that it remains cool without watering down the taste, go with our ice balls that will fit perfectly in a martini glass or scotch on the rocks. We also offer pressed ice in shapes that will be sure to show off your creativity and upgrade your bar menu. Want a small glass made of ice for your drink? We can do that for you. There are so many types of ice cubes. At Emergency Ice, our business is molding water into cubes that will meet the needs of your restaurant.

Need Special Ice Shapes? Call For Pricing!

If you are in charge of getting ice to your restaurant after your ice machine quits working, make the innovative choice and call Emergency Ice Dallas. Our ice delivery service offers products in bulk so you won’t have to worry about running out of ice and having to serve room temp drinks to your guests. We have a variety of ice that we can provide, so call us today to find out about pricing and what we can do to make your shift run smoothly and keep your customers happy.

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