Firewood Delivery

Firewood Bundle

Emergency Ice wants our customers to know that we intend to have their backs year-round. When the temperatures drop, we know that ice is not going to be a huge priority at your winter events. Commercial providers like grocery stores and gas stations also regularly add firewood to their supplies for consumers, and we are here at the front lines delivering pallets to their doorsteps.

Why Choose an Ice Company for Firewood?

Choose Emergency Ice to help your commercial location prepare for the cooler seasons of the year, when customers are in need of firewood.

Don’t let your clients pollute their homes with chemical-laden products. Go with Emergency Ice to offer premium hardwood bundles.

Each of our bundles contains 5 to 6 pieces of wood with just the right amount of length for a winter’s fire. Currently our firewood is sold in pallet quantity only.

Emergency Ice is Prepared to Keep the Metroplex Warm When the Weather Cools Down

Don’t be caught out in the cold this winter. Purchase or order your firewood now for the coming cold weather season. It’s never wise to under order and anticipate a warm winter, especially in the commercial industry where you are providing goods. Contact us today to place your order.

Emergency Ice is pleased to add firewood bundles to our price and product distribution list for our customers beginning in the third quarter of 2015. Details are listed below:

  • UPC code: 001318944377
  • Chemical free premium hardwood bundles.
  • Five (5) to six (6) pieces per bundle.
  • Size: .75 cubic feet per bundle.
  • Approximately 16 inches in length per piece.
  • Seventy (70) bundles per pallet.
  • Sold in pallet quantity only.
  • Terms: payment via cash or money order upon delivery unless other negotiatedterms.
  • All sales are final. No credit on remaining bundles.

Don’t be caught out in the cold. Purchase or order your firewood now for the coming cold weather season. Recall the snow and ice storm plus shortage of warming products in 2014 and do not under order or anticipate a warm winter. Out of stocks mean lost sales. Contact your Emergency Ice sales person to place your order or call one of our locations in Dallas, Tarrant County, North Texas or Waco.

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