24 Hour Ice Delivery

Why 24-Hour Ice Delivery Is Important

Emergency Ice… Why 24-Hour delivery?  Is that really necessary? Absolutely! Many people, when they think of ice, think of their home ice usage. But there is more to ice than your freezer-made ice at home.

24-Hour Ice Delivery to Retail and Beyond!

Emergency Ice has worked for many years with local restaurants, clubs, bars, hotels, event planners, and caterers.  We are known in the industry as having high quality, clear ice products in a variety of forms. We offer basic ice cubes, but we also have cocktail ice, snow ice, dry ice and carving ice. We offer all of our ice with easy access, day or night. Restaurants, bars, and clubs rely on ice for their beverages and food preparation.  So, what if their ice machine breaks down? Usually, a repairman will not show up immediately.  Ice is needed ASAP. Who do you call? Emergency Ice. The ice is delivered in the shape, and package sizes desired.  No worrying about melting when it is delivered to your location. Hassle-free. Ice is a valuable commodity to those in the hospitality industry. Things happen that cause an ice emergency…glass broken in the ice, broken machinery, cleanliness is compromised, inadequate ice production for an event, vendors or caterers who do not plan for enough, etc… Imagine serving Sweet Tea in Texas without ice!  Having ice delivered to a hotel or restaurant, quickly, will save a manager or planner from having to make excuses or explain the problem to attendees.

Preserving Food is a Job That Never Rests

Produce vendors require ice to keep their products fresh. When ice isn’t available, they need to be able to rely on an ice provider who can deliver what they need and quickly. Without ice, their product and profits are compromised. Dry ice is often used to preserve food when proper refrigeration is not available.  When a commercial frig or freezer goes down, owners scramble to keep their meats, dairy and produce fresh. Dry ice can be the resolution that saves the day, reducing spoilage and allowing business as usual.

Never Worry About Last Minute Orders Again

Last minute orders in many industries are often a problem. At Emergency Ice, last minute is our specialty. Sometimes an event is planned, ice is ordered, but sometime during the event, it is realized that they do not have enough ice.   Emergency Ice will not only deliver the needed ice to your event but help you calculate how much you need to fulfill your order. While you may not always need your ice in a hurry, it is good to know that you have an ice company you can rely on to bail you out in a pinch. Our fleet of refrigerated trucks is a reassurance to our customers that their ice will be delivered when they need it.

Emergency Ice Is Here For the Metroplex 24-Hours a Day

Delivering to Dallas, Waco, and communities in between, Emergency Ice can handle any emergency ice need. We have saved the day for reunions, festivals, weddings, county fairs, school picnics, and corporate parties.  Cubed, crushed or cocktail ice can all be delivered to a venue when needed. We focus on fast, reliable service. Get in touch with us today to solve your ice emergency.