Ice Service FAQs

Ice Bags

How long has Emergency Ice been in the ice delivery business?

We have been in business since 1971. The company was founded by Paul Toler; he had a dream, one ice delivery truck, and a promise to guarantee expert ice services and premium customer service. We still carry the same business ethics and guarantee today.

What ice products do you provide?

At Emergency Ice, we are dedicated to providing as many necessary ice products Texas businesses and consumers need. We provide retail packaged ice, cocktail ice, block ice/carving blocks, concrete ice, dry ice, ice sculptures, ice trailers, snow ice, and shot blocks.

How much ice can you produce to meet the needs of so many customers each day?

Within our multiple ice production facilities, we have access to more than 360 tons of daily ice production. We have locations that provide ice delivery in Fort Worth, Dallas, Arlington and Waco metro areas – we cover all of North Texas and Central North Texas.

What ice services does Emergency Ice provide?

The core of our ice service is ice delivery. We are a commercial ice company that delivers ice for all types of businesses. 1-hour ice delivery is our specialty; it’s in our name – Emergency Ice. When companies like restaurants, bars, schools, events, grocery stores and other retail establishments run out of ice or have issues with their ice machines, they can give us a call and we will deliver ice within 1 hour.

What specialty ice products do you supply?

While packaged ice is the main part of our business, we provide additional ice products as well. The specialty ice products we supply include:
  • Dry ice
  • Blocks of ice
  • Carving Blocks
  • Ice sculptures
  • Shot blocks
  • Snow ice
  • Event Ice

How much ice can you deliver in Texas?

At Emergency Ice, we have the production capacity of over 360 tons of ice per day. We also have the staff and transportation necessary to deliver large amounts of ice. We have ice delivery trucks that range from 8 feet to 24 feet with a capacity of 20,000 pounds, but we can handle more by using more than one truck for larger orders.

Do you provide ice delivery for events?

Yes, we have decades of experience providing ice products and ice delivery for special events of all sizes. Emergency Ice has been the ice company for all types of events throughout Dallas, Fort Worth, and Waco areas. We have provided event ice services for well-known events such as PGA Golf Tournaments, NCAA Sporting Events, College Football Games, State Fairs, local festivals, school events, church events, concerts, and much more.

Does Emergency Ice provide snow party service?

Yes, through our subsidiary company Mr. Cool Snow Parties we provide snow party service throughout all of North Texas and Central North Texas. To find out more about snow parties, visit our DFW Snow Parties website.

What areas do you provide ice delivery?

Emergency Ice provides ice delivery in Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, McKinneyWaco, Temple, and Killeen, TX. If you are located in the Dallas Fort Worth metro area or Waco and surrounding areas, we can deliver the ice products you need. If you are close these areas but not sure if we deliver to your location, contact us; we would be glad to help you.

How do I know how much ice I need?

It can be difficult to determine the amount of ice needed for events, parties, or any business. We have a simple tool to help. Go to our Event Ice Calculator page and fill in the fields to find out a close approximation for the number of pounds of ice you will need.

How do I contact Emergency Ice for ice services?

To contact us to schedule ice delivery service or for emergency ice (1-hour ice delivery), you can contact us by phone at 800.400.8221 or complete our short contact form.